The New Cavendish Club

The dining room in this elegant private members club, located in the heart of London’s West End, was in need of repair and modernisation. Montagu was asked to refurbish the room to its original glory, keeping restoration sympathetic to the building period.

As this is a busy members club, regularly used for weddings, functions, meetings and seminars, as well as working lunches and private dining, there was an emphasis on speed and sophistication. The project had to be completed within a set time frame and had to match the exacting specifications of the club and its members.


The first task for our skilled tradesmen was to repair and restore defective plaster and mouldings within the room. Although there were beautiful original period features, time and wear had made them look aged and uncared for. Our experienced team was able to restore them with ease.

Montagu’s painting and decorating team also redecorated the whole room in colours in keeping with the building period. Again, as our tradesmen are exceptionally experienced in restoring properties of this age, it was easy to acquire the correct colours to please the client and bring out the depth and elegance of the room.

Whilst working on the project, the old, worn carpet had been removed, revealing original floorboards underneath. Although these were a great find, they were not in good repair. There were many gaps and in places the floorboards were uneven and cracked. To complete the room, the entire floor was stripped and replaced on a sub-board. This, therefore, eliminated draughts and the client could keep their original floorboards. These floorboards were then stripped and treated to restore the floor.


The client was overjoyed with the refurbishment of the room. The original renovated wooden floor was particularly well received, as was the decoration itself.